VR Meets Van Gogh with This Latest VR Investment

Ever wonder what it would be like to be completely immersed in the beautiful and historical landscape paintings of Monet? Or sit side-by- side with Mona Lisa?

That is exactly what New York City based startup Woofbert is setting out to do by combining elements of art history with virtual reality– and it is really taking off. Just last week Woofbert closed a $2.53M angel round in order to scale their operations.

It works likes this: Download their app, strap on your Samsung GearVR headset, then virtually tour an art gallery or museum of your choice. It’s that simple. Each experience is an exact replica of the museums they are portraying and it gives you the opportunity to experience historical pieces of art that you may not be able to visit personally.

Tap on your headset to learn more about a particular painting or better yet jump inside. One of the coolest features that Woofbert offers is the ability for users to physically step inside of a painting. Users then have the power to look and hear what that painting was portraying all while getting a glimpse of what life was like during that era up close and personal.

“Our vision is that it will be a massive platform of art, institutions, architectural and cultural sites and they will all be interlinked in some way”, says Co-Founder and CEO Elizabeth Reede. “Getting back to the notion that the user can choose what they want to learn about, when they want to learn about it, how they want to learn about it.”

Reede describes her team’s mission as a “massive world of art history” where users can engage and be educated like never before while having the freedom in the space to choose their own experiences.

Congratulations to the team at Woofbert for closing this angel round! We are looking forward to tracking your success as you continue on your journey. Learn more about Woofbert at www.woofbert.com.