Who's InvestVR?

Founded in early 2016, InvestVR can help your VR or AR startup get funded. We are match makers with direct access to decision makers at private equity funds, hedge funds, high net worth individuals, and mutual funds. We have spent significant resources to build a global network of industry investors willing to allocate funds to VR and AR. These investors look to InvestVR for filtered and funneled recommendations.


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Invested In VR/AR In 2016

Why InvestVR?

Non-exclusive services

We encourage you to work parallel to our efforts and to seek funding from every available source.

Success based remuneration terms

For services rendered, InvestVR asks for remuneration in the form of equity, commission, or a combination of both. We will only be remunerated should we successfully raise funds for your startup.

direct one on one investor negotiation

We are able to close investment negotiations on your behalf but invite you to negotiate directly with investors in an effort to reach the best possible terms.

No aggregate funding

We work hard to raise all of your needed funds from one source. Although it’s not always possible, we do limit the aggregation to less than three sources.

Our Team

Our team consists of financial experts who have been raising finance for companies across countless industries, startup veterans who have opened up their own successful companies around the world, as well as marketing and finance specialists who assist our startups and visionaries with planning their business model and helping with business plan.

A 20 year seasoned finance professional with significant ties to the global finance industry and high net worth individuals. He has demonstrated time and time again the ability to source funding no matter the level of investment the stage of investment and no matter the industry.

The sheer number of contacts he has in just his phone(s) makes him the perfect match maker. He sits on a few boards where he is sought after for his strategic mind and industry contacts.

Moshe Wasserman / Chief Executive Officer

A startup veteran with over 30 years of experience in the formation of startups. His main discipline has been in the marketing and sales side.

However, since we are talking startups here, he has had vast experience in the concept formation side, the leadership side and the funding side. He has been and continues to be a board member and advisor or consultant on a number global projects.

Gal Ron / Director

With a rich history of Sales & Marketing, and a passion for VR, he spends all his time researching the industry, collaborating with analysts and consultants to get insider knowledge of VR.

He has experience in event management for the Finance world, and is able to use all these skills to find the most promising and potentially successful startups.

Itay Ron / Chief Startup Relations

With a wealth of experience in web development and design, Andronikos is responsible for all technical resources of the company and is a driving factor that supports company growth. Staying at the cutting edge of current trends with an eye for functional and clean design and development, he leads technology developments and vision for the company.

Andronikos Papanicolaou / Chief Technology Officer

Shay has over 10 years of experience in the investment market. He specializes in building investor relationships, and consulting them on asset allocations and investment decisions. At InvestVR, Shay is utilizing his network and expertise to present the network with the perfect investment opportunity.

Shay Braverman / Senior Investment Relations

Worked in investment banking and corporate strategy within Verizon's Innovation Incubator sourcing start-ups for strategic partnerships, VC, & M&A in markets such as healthcare, IoT, Analytics, Education, Digital Media, Entertainment, and Advertising.

Kim has most recently began consulting as a growth advisor for early-stage tech companies and has worked with and evaluated over 300 start-ups across many industries. Kim is also the COO of a multi-channel distribution platform enabling VR content creators called Arvrus.

Kim Grennan / Senior Analyst

An experienced videogame journalist with more than a decade covering console, PC and mobile platforms. Editor-in-Chief at VRFocus, Kevin Joyce oversaw the launch of the website in 2014 and continues to lead the operation on a daily basis.

Kevin Joyce / Editor-in-Chief VRFocus.com

Success Stories

Looking to Invest in VR?

InvestVR offers investors a unique gateway into the VR and AR investment landscape. We are able to offer a filtered view of the startups that we work with, and can match investors with the perfect startup to fund while being able to accommodate budgets of almost all sizes.

By joining our investment network, we will present to you the most suitable companies for you at regular intervals, giving you consistent options of companies to fund; from visionaries all the way up to much larger companies.