Funding the Future of Virtual Reality

About InvestVR

Founded in early 2016, InvestVR can help your VR or AR startup get funded. We are match makers with direct access to decision makers of private equity funds, hedge funds, high net worth individuals and mutual funds. We have spent significant resources to build a global network of off industry investors willing to allocate funds to VR and AR. These investors look to InvestVR for filtered and funneled recommendations.

Why InvestVR?

Success based remuneration terms.

For services rendered, InvestVR asks for remuneration in the form of equity, commission, or a combination of both. We will only be remunerated should we successfully raise funds for your startup.

Non-exclusive services.

We encourage you to work parallel to our efforts and to seek funding from every available source.

Option for direct one on one investor negotiation for equity offers and valuations.

We are able to close investment negotiations on your behalf but invite you to negotiate directly with investors in an effort to reach the best possible terms.

No aggregate funding

We work hard to raise all of your needed funds from one source. Although it’s not always possible, we do limit the aggregation to less than three sources.

Founder Types


The VR and AR industry's future relies on entrepreneurs and visionaries, ready to take their ideas to the next level. At InvestVR, we understand the potential of these individuals, and have created a process to help them succeed in making their businesses a reality.

Small Businesses

Businesses that are already established, or have even secured their first round of funding could still benefit from additional investment rounds.

These businesses already have a functioning prototype or a released product. Whether it's for development costs, R&D, or HR - small businesses can still greatly benefit from further funding.

Established Businesses

Our investors are always interested in established companies that have released products or services into the market, and need another round of funding to launch new products, spend on R&D, or any other costs they may need to cover.

As the company is already very well established, these funding rounds are typically very large, and span across a few investors.

Our Process



We tell you about ourselves, how we work and what we offer. You tell us about yourselves, your project, and your needs. Nothing formal, just a quick call.


Gathering information

We ask for as much information as we can get through pitch decks, business plans, demos, press releases, etc.


Finalize Business Terms

InvestVR offers services based on equity, commission, or a combination of both. Before moving on, we would need to agree on business terms.


Work with our Business Development team

Our investor network looks to us for a complete funneled and filtered view of your startup. We have specific information we look for and will work to refine, gather and build your information into a standardized InvestVR pitch deck complete with industry analyst assessments.


Begin the pitching process

Once the standardized pitch deck is complete and the investor relations team has been briefed, your startup is ready to enter our next scheduled investment round.

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